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Batel Yossef Ravid - Batel Yossef Ravid.

Batel Yossef 

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion


Urban Digital Twin Technology Generates a New Setup for Decision Making Environments


What does spatial inequality look like? Can it be measured? is it possible to navigate within it? ‘3S-Smart Social Strategy’, a multidisciplinary research team from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, developed an innovative environment with both physical and digital elements which tackles these key questions. The digital environment is based on a Digital Twin platform which demonstrates real-word complexity via a 3D virtual model. The physical environment facilitates immersive interaction with the Digital Twin in order to enable Data Driven Decision making. Utilizing mixed methods of immersive and interactive technologies, the environment has become a space with unique visualization and representation. The innovative environment encourages inclusive dialogue between participants with different backgrounds and skills.

Our research project focuses on the neighborhood scale and we collect, analyze, and integrate comprehensive data from government institutions as well as local knowledge. We use collaboration and civic monitoring methods for creating a civic real time data system. The physical space is located in the middle of the neighborhood, enabling us a unique link between the real-world neighborhood and the virtual Digital Twin model. Our project demonstrates how advanced technologies empowers the local community and supports better decision making based on the integration of data.



PhD Candidate and 3S (Smart Social Strategy) 

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